R.L. Snyder, University of California, Land, Air and Water Resources, Davis, CA

M. Orang, California Department of Water Resources, Div. of Planning, Sacramento, CA

K. Bali, University of California, Cooperative Extension, Imperial County, Holtville, CA

S. Eching, California Department of Water Resources, Office of Efficient Water Use, Sacramento, CA


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Originally written - December 2000

Revised – March 3, 2014





The Basic concepts used to develop an irrigation schedule are discussed in the document “Irrigation Scheduling-Water Balance Method” which can be downloaded by clicking on:




The Basic Irrigation Scheduling (BIS) application was written using MS Excel to help people plan irrigation management of crops.  The BIS program can be downloaded by clicking on:


BIS.pdf        BIS Manual in English

BISe.xlsx     BIS Application Program (English units)

BISm.xlsx    BIS Application Program (metric units)


BISms.pdf    BIS Manual en Español

BISms.xls    BIS Programa en Español (sistema métrico)


BIS estimates annual trends of ETo using daily mean climate data by month, and it contains the most up-to-date crop coefficient information available in California.  The BIS application aids with the calculation of daily crop coefficient (Kc) values and crop Evapotranspiration (ETc), it helps to identify yield thresholds and management allowable depletions, and it provides a check book approach for determining irrigation timing and amount.