Landscape Irrigation Management Program
IS005 Quick Answer

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Created on November 15, 2003.  ---  Revised September 2006

R. L. Snyder, Biometeorology Specialist
Department of Land, Air and Water Resources
University of California
Davis, CA 95616, USA

S. Eching, Senior Land and Water Use Scientist
California Department of Water Resources

Office of Water Use Efficiency

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, CA 94236, USA


The Excel program LIMP is used to calculate ETo rates, determine landscape coefficients (KL), estimate evapotranspiration (ETL) of landscape vegetation, and determine irrigation schedules. In addition, there is another program DU that is used to calculate the application rate and distribution uniformity of sprinkler irrigation systems from system evaluation data. It also contains a worksheet on determining distribution uniformity of sprinkler systems. To obtain a copy of the program using English units, click on LIMP_e.  For the metric version of the program, click on LIMP_m.   For a copy of the Userís guide in pdf format, click on LIMP.

To download a copy of the DU program, click on DU.

To download all of the files including LIMP_e, LIMP_m, the Usersí Guide, and DU, click on