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Richard L. Snyder

243 Hoagland Hall
Office: 530-752-4628    Fax: 530-752-1793
Email: rlsnyder
Biometeorology Specialist
B.A. Mathematics - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
M.S. Agricultural Climatology - Iowa State University, Ames
Ph.D. Agricultural Climatology - Iowa State University, Ames

Kyaw Tha Paw U

139 and 225 Hoagland Hall
Office: 530-752-8172 and 530-752-1510    Fax: 530-752-1793
Email: ktpawu
Professor of Atmospheric Science and Biometeorologist
B.S., Geophysics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Biometeorology - Yale University
Ph.D., Biometeorology - Yale University

Rex David Pyles

Email: rdpyles
Post-Doctoral Researcher
B.S. Physics and Astronomy - Johns Hopkins University
M.S. Atmospheric Science - University of California, Davis
Ph.D. Atmospheric Science / Biometeorology - University of California, Davis

Sonia Wharton

Email: swharton
Ph.D. Student
B.S. Double Major: Biology and Environmental Studies - Baylor University, Waco

John Kochendorfer

Email: jkoch
Ph.D. Student
B.S. Liberal Arts - St. John's College, Santa Fe

Eugenia Gonzalez del Castillo Aranda

Email: eugonzalez
Ph.D. Student

Liyi Xu

Email: lxu
Ph.D. Student
B.S. Environmental and Resource Sciences - University of California, Davis