ET101 - A PowerPoint presentation on basics of evapotranspiration that was given at the USCID short course on "Applying the ASCE Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Equation" at the Irrigation Association International Conference in San Diego, California, November 2003.

Crop Coefficients - Describes how to determine crop coefficient Kc values relative to ETo to estimate crop evapotranspiration

NWSETO - Calculates ETo rates from weather service daily forecasts

PMmonDoc - Documents the Penman-Monteith Monthly ETos Calculation (29 Nov 2004)

PMmon.XLS - Monthly ETos Calculator using the ASCE-EWRI (2004) method  (21 Mar 2005)

PMdayDoc- Documents the ASCE-EWRI (2004) Penman-Monteith Daily ETos, ETrs and HS ETo Calculation (29 Nov 2004)

PMdayXLS - Daily ETos, ETrs and HS ETo Calculator using the ASCE-EWRI method (revised 2 Feb 2006)

PMhrDoc - Documents the ASCE-EWRI (2004) Penman-Monteith Hourly ETos and ETrs Calculation (24 Feb 2005)

PMhrXLS - Hourly ETos and ETrs Calculator using the ASCE-EWRI (2004) method  (revised 6 Jul 2006 – heading units corrected)

DYPM.EXE - Executable Daily ETos, ETrs and HS ETo Calculator using daily weather data and the ASCE-EWRI (2004) method. (29 Nov 2004)

HRPM.EXE - Executable Hourly ETo Calculator - See PMhrDoc below for documentation

PMD - Penman-Monteith Derivation