Conversions between humidity expressions

by R.L. Snyder, Biometeorologist

Atmospheric Science, University of California, Davis, California 


J. Paulo de Melo e Abreu

Lisbon Technical University, Lisbon, Portugal

Copyright (c) - Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

Created November 2001

Last Revision - March 25, 2005 

An Excel program with the filename "TwConv.XLS" is available to upload from this site.  The program makes conversions from wet-bulb or frost-bulb temperature and dry-bulb (air) temperature to vapor pressure, relative humidity, dew-point temperature and equivalent temperature.  The program also makes conversions from frost-bulb and dry bulb (air) temperature to vapor pressure, relative humidity, ice-point temperature and equivalent temperature.  All of the inputs are in degrees Celsius and kiloPascals (kPa).   To upload the program, click on TwConv.  The conversions used are discussed in  Snyder, Shaw, and Paw U. (1987) Humidity Conversions Using a Computer Program. Applied Agric. Res. Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 183-192.